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IP Network Systems provide an extensive range of network products and services, which enable us to offer clients sustainable business solutions.
The Directors, Staff and Engineers at IP Network Systems would like to say "Thank You" to our Clients for their continuous support and business, during these uncertain and uncomfortable times. Saturday 18 September 2010: Launch of new website and updated content and features. Monday 6 September 2010: Completed Cat 6 Cabling for Waitrose Supermarket in London. Friday 27 August 2010: Completed upgrade to our network Servers and Storage. Monday 2 August 2010: Upgraded our office IP CCTV system to Mobotix both internal and external camera solution.

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Network Products

IP Network Systems provide a wide range of network products.

HP Procurve Procurve
Cisco Systems Cisco
Mobotix Mobotix
Overland Overland
Brand-Rex Brand Rex
Nexans Nexans
Excel Networks Excel
Molex Molex

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Network Consultants

Services include network design, installation and maintenance.

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Network Services

IP Network Systems provide a wide range of network services.

  • Network Consultancy
  • Network Design
  • Network Configuration
  • Network Installation
  • Network Maintenance
  • WLAN Design
  • WLAN Installation
  • IP CCTV System Design
  • IP CCTV System Installation
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Structured Cabling System Design
  • Structured Cabling Installation
  • Fibre Optical Design
  • Fibre Optical Installation
  • Telephony Cabling Installation

Quality Assurance

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Accredit UK Certification

Article Date - 29-09-2020

IP Network Systems are now certified to the Accredit UK Quality Standard.

Following our final assessment which took place in August 2009, IP Network Systems have met the requirements of the Accredit UK ICT Supply Standard.

Our quality certification is for the Network Design and Installation segment.

This Segment contains information specifically designed for companies involved in the business of network design and installation and sets out the core principles and minimum sets of practice applicable to such a business.

The segment is concerned with the design, specification, installation and testing of network cabling and devices.

A network consists of 3 main sets of components:

Active: active components consist of items that make decisions about where network traffic goes; for example hubs, routers and switches.

Passive: passive components consist of items that connect the network together but contain no intelligence to make decisions and include cabling, patch panels, outlets and cabinets.

Environmental: environmental components consist of items that provide support to the network and include items such as power supplies, cooling systems, cabinets, racks and server rooms. Whilst these do not form part of this segment and are therefore not shown on the network diagram, careful consideration should be given to these components as the design and installation of networks will depend on them.

Buying well is tricky at the best of times. When it is buying ICT, the problem is even more difficult. Many Purchasers do not know where to turn when they have technological requirements. Even when they do find potential Suppliers, how can they spot the most capable companies?

Accredit UK makes buying ICT much easier. It is a quality standard which proves that a holder is among the best businesses in the industry.

Accredit UK meets the needs of a wide range of organisations, including:

Small-to-Medium ICT Purchasers;

Corporate ICT Purchasers;

Public Sector ICT Purchasers.

Further Information about Accredit UK can be found by visiting the following link;

A copy of our Certificate can be found here. Accredit UK Certificate

Author Lee Davies - 29th September 2009